Announcing 2021 Season Opener:

Variations on


Hope painted letters with Karah Sara and

A Digital Performance

According to psychologist, Charles R. Snyder, "Hope has been shown to make people happy, broaden and build minds, improve social relationships, strengthen immune systems, relieve stress, and motivates positive reactions that will lead to positive results."

The idea of hope has been an inspiration to many artists.  Maya Angelou shared the idea of hope in her famous line, "But still, like dust, I'll rise," and Emily Dickinson described hope as, "the thing with feathers." 400 years ago William Shakespeare wrote one of the most relevant lines for 2020 with, "The miserable have no other medicine but only hope." Hope is something that is innate to every human being, seated in our soul, it continuously propels us forward.


 In 2020 Flutter canceled our season for the safety of our performers, staff, volunteers, and audience members.  Our 2021 Season Opener, "Variations on H.O.P.E," will be a digital performance featuring an optimistic smorgasbord of original all-ability dance, music, singing, poetry, theatre, and painting.

The goal is to create positive expectations for the future of our lives and world. To make theatre accessible we are offering this digital offering as a, "pay what you can," opportunity, with a $25.00 suggested offering. This historic digital performance will be available to view online on Friday, April 9, 2021 at 7:30 PM. Tickets will go on sale through our website, under the Current Productions tab, on March 1, 2021.  All reservations must be made prior to April 9, at 7:30 PM. Once you have made your reservation you will be able to view this digital production at your leisure until April 30, 2021 from the safety and comfort of your living room.                                          


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