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Six vignettes written by individuals with disabilities about journeys that they have taken in life, both real and imaginative, that have proven to be a major turning point in their life journey. This production featured dialogue blended with dance.  


In a village where everything is all white, lives a young boy and his mother.  The boy, begs his mother to let him go out and explore.  When the boy returns home and shares his new discoveries with his mother she worries about his safety, encases him in protective gear, and eventually weaves a protective web.  A butterfly shows up while he is sleeping, frees him, takes him on a journey into a world full of color.  The mother returns to find her son, and his room covered in color.  In the end she embraces the color her son has brought into the world and they set out on a new adventure together. A live painting experience performed in Founder's Park. 


This South Dakota theatre history making collection of thirteen pieces, written in part by individuals with disabilities and their advocates, illustrate disabilities and disability culture.  


An adventure into a cabinet of curiOSITIES.  The story of one individuals rejected by society, and another that is left behind and the unlikely friendship that they develop as they explore the contents of a curiosity cabinet.


The story of a child that flies to the sun and back with the aide of a dragon to restore the missing light to his community.  


The essence of a shooting star is released when it impacts the Earth.  A child, aided by her grandfather discovers and shares that essence, comprised fo the four elements: water, wind, earth and fire, with everyone.

Dakota Dreams 

A site specific, tribute to South Dakota, inspired by the architecture of the new Main Street Square for the “Holiday Celebration and Dedication Ceremony".  Based on the Lakota Creation Story, the flora, fauna and animals of South Dakota come alive. Live Native American flute and drums, married with contemporary music accompanied traditional Native and contemporary dance.



Aurum the Architect creates a sacred stream for Ferentina and her water nymphs to  help guard a sacred blossom that has the ability to purify the ills of mankind.  The blossom comes under attack by the evil ruler, Romulus, and in an attempt to protect the blossom the seeds are released and scattered. Centuries later a team of archaeologists uncover the only surviving seed and soon learn that even the strangest seed possess great possibilities.



The butterfly is one of the most diverse species in the entomology world. Our tale begins deep in the ancient tropics where  one ancient civilization believes that butterflies are the souls of their ancestors.  Set in juxtaposition to the butterfly collecting courts of 1700s France. The soul of one young woman rises up in the form of a butterfly and the adventure begins.


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