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TICKETS On Sale January 2024


The ever popular FashionABLE: All-Ability Threads returns in 2024 to celebrate five years of FashionABLE!

Designers with diverse abilities are partnered one-on one with community volunteers to create an original, fashion forward design, 

culminating in a fashion show at Jolly Lane Greenhouse on

Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 5:00 and 7:00 PM.

FashionABLE 2024

  1. Brian Bertsch, Designer, “Cars and Trucks,” with Devorah Phelps, Volunteer 

  2. Alex Boorman, Designer, “Make-Up,” with Claudia Wieland-Randall, Volunteer

  3. Tyler Brink, Designer, “Meta Ice,” with Tina Vallette, Volunteer

  4. Brayden Bromwich, Designer, “Doc the Medical Officer,” with Pam Junek, Volunteer

  5. Alyssa Flannery, Designer, “Material Girl,” with Hollie Bergeron, Volunteer

  6. Kimberly Flowers, Designer, “Butterfly Wings,” with Mary Shields, Volunteer

  7. Rebecca Graham, Designer, “90 Years of Loretta,” with Devorah Phelps, Volunteer

  8. Rachel Grant, Designer, Title TBD, with Heather Hoeye, Volunteer

  9. Frieda Henschel, Designer “Pink Lady,” with Hollie Bergeron, Volunteer

  10. Trae Herman, Designer “Scribbles,” with Amy Speidel, Volunteer

  11. Meghan Hobbs, Designer “Harper Valley P.T.A,” with Savanna Schara, Volunteer

  12. Jill Holien, Designer “Birdwing Butterfly,” with Anthony Call and Kevin Queen, Volunteer

  13. “JJ,” James Janis, Designer, “Misinterpretation,” with Madison Giroux, Volunteer

  14. Richard Lacroix, Designer, “The Wrestler,” with Tina Sorenson-Stevens and Natalie Stevens, Volunteers

  15. Michael Leithauser, Designer “Circle Guy,” with Avery Friedt, Volunteer

  16. Sara Mellegard, Designer “Western,” with Correna Reitenbaugh, Volunteer

  17. Alicyn Miles, Designer “Demon Comes Back As Angel,” with Haley Friedt, Volunteer

  18. Jonna Montgomery, Designer, Title TBD, with Sandi Cooper, Volunteer

  19. Cindy Rooney, Designer “Pretty Woman,” with Aletha Parke, Volunteer

  20. Jackie Schofield, Designer “Mermaid,” with Amanda and Danae Taylor, Volunteers

  21. Ordean Stevenson, Designer, “Susan Roundtree,” Modeled by Ranae Moller, with Marguerite Reyelts, Volunteer

  22. Shawn Stratton, Designer, “Blue Suede Shoes,” with Michael Birkeland, Volunteer 

  23. Angeline Sumrall, Designer, “Eagle,” with Becky Holloway, Volunteer

  24. Tommy Tamayo, Designer, “Fighter,” with Lorien Petersen, Volunteer

  25. Dylan Thomason, Designer “Time in a Dress,” Modeled by Carmen Lester, with Savanna Schara, Volunteer

  26. Jeremiah Vigil, Designer, “Bicycle,” with Rochan Burrell, Volunteer 

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